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Maintain a comprehensive online staff register with automatic reminders for future scheduled fees, licenses and staff training.


Build a professional resume and apply online for external vacancies. Match your own profile immediately with employers.

Resume Builders

Keep your online profile current to gain that perfect job. Build and maintain your resume using our online resume building templates.

Our Experience

Staff with decades of relevant Queensland security knowledge and experience to assist you achieve your future employment goals.

Professional Profile Services

is owned and operated by BARS Training Australia (Provider 32061) committed to quality training and the continued support of our students and the Queensland security industry generally.

BARS Training Australia have been one of the leaders in vocational education and consultancy services within the hospitality and security sectors throughout Queensland for over 15 years.

We acknowledge that the private security industry plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of Queensland communities and property. Security services are interwoven with infrastructure such as airports, railway stations, ports, industrial sites, hospitals, banks and government facilities.

Access to private security services are equally important to private and community facilities such as licensed venues, retail businesses, entertainment venues and sports stadiums to ensure the safety of staff, patrons and private property.

BARS Training Australia has developed Professional Profile Services to deliver a clear, realistic and accountable online system to support employers, industry bodies, job seekers and the many other stakeholders within the Queensland security sector.

This is a free service with all profile uses receiving discounts to fee for service courses offered by BARS Training Australia, as well of access to security forums and advice.


This professional profile system is managed and secured by BARS Training Australia Pty Ltd AFT the Oliver Family Trust to connect jobseekers with local employment opportunities, to support those at risk of losing their job to move to alternative employment or increase hours of work across the security and hospitality industries.

Please go to: for disclaimers and condition of use.

Access to Information

The user acknowledges that personal information uploaded to the professional profile system will be accessible online with the following protocols.

System Administer

Full access to current and historical records required for the good management and administration of the system

Employment Provider

Those granted access will view current and historical records required as the employment provider. In addition, the employment provider may receive renewal notifications of licenses and/or qualifications where currency required for lawful employment of the profile owner.

Job Seeker

Information will only be disclosed where the privacy box has not been ticked by the profile owner

Data Security

All data of storage on a fully encrypted private server in full compliance with the Australian RTO Standards 2015.



Employers can set up a free online account on our fully encrypted server which can:

  • Access a pool of licensed security providers throughout Queensland.
  • Specify specific vacancy profiles that may match individual professional profiles already listed on the system.
  • View all employee profiles and thereby complying with the Security Firm’s obligation to keep a register of security providers (Regulation 20 Security Providers Regulation 2008);
  • Receive company documents / insurance reminders by text and/or email;
  • Access training / license records of their staff. This includes historical records often required for legal and/or civil action.
  • Receive discounts on all future Fee for Service training by BARS Training Australia for their staff. *

Security Jobseekers

Students set up a free online “Professional Profile” on our fully encrypted server which will enable you to;

  • Produce and maintain a professional online profile (resume) to apply for that perfect position as it become available.
  • Email your profile and cover letter to potential employers (with chosen privacy settings);
  • Have a record of those job applications online using your personal online account.
  • Receive training / license reminders by text and/or email;
  • Receive free industry advice in an integrated security forum;
  • Receive a minimum of 20% discount on all future BARS Training Services
  • Be immediately connected to Queensland employers when their employment profile match any job vacancies that is listed.


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150 +
Potential Employers
41 +
Industry Experience
17 +
Years in Business
4310 +

The BARS Group is one of a very few business entities in Queensland that can offer the entire package.

We can apply for your license or permit and provide advocacy through BARS Consultants, we can train all your hospitality and security staff to a National competency through BARS Training Australia (Provide 32061) , provide an incident investigation service to your premises or event using our private investigators, as well as all the required products and stationery through Bouncer Buddy Products.

Specialist equipment and stationery supplies for the security and hospitality industries that include:

  • Crowd Control Registers
  • Chain of Custody Booklets
  • Security Tactical / Hi-Viz Vests
  • Bodycam / Headcam Equipment
  • Two-way Radio Headsets
  • ID Confiscation Books
  • RAMP Documents
  • Metal Detectors
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Kits
  • Digital Sound Meters

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